[Reading Recs] #AroAceApril: A-spec Reading Recommendations

This April, @athomeintheclouds and I are hosting a small follow-up challenge to our #fffebruaryreads. I feel like the title of this post is self-explanatory, but this time we're encouraging you all to read books featuring a-spec characters! Whether you’re here because you want to participate in the challenge (which is awesome, btw), or you just …

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[Monthly Challenges] Announcing . . . ARO ACE APRIL! (Graphic Update!)

*throws confetti into the air* As I mentioned in my wrap-up post for #fffebruaryreads here, Imi and I have decided to host another monthly challenge - this time, Aro Ace April. I've been considering it for a little while, but when my friend Kelsea also suggested I do it, I knew it was something that should …

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