Contact & Review Policy

“You live in a single moment. I live in a thousand.” 

Leigh Bardugo

If you wish to contact me, please do so by either:

↠ Sending me a DM via my Instagram

↠ By sending me an email at (*if your email regards ARC/review requests, please see below)

I will attempt to reply to all messages as quickly as possible, but please be patient!*


{ Due to real-life obligations, I will NOT be taking any review requests for the next few weeks. Thank you for understanding! }


ARC & Review Conditions:

I will happily read any books given to me, provided they are within my realms of interest. I enjoy reading:

  • Young Adult Lit.
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction (inc. Space Opera & Dystopia)
  • Contemporary (more specifically, LGBTQ+ contemporary)
  • Mysteries and Thrillers
  • Retellings 
  • Diverse Reads / #OwnVoices books


I do accept eARCs, but I find I can only read on an eReader for so long, as it strains my eyes (I read on my small iPhone using the Kindle app). Physical ARCs, however, are always appreciated!

I read all ARCs I receive as quickly as possible (but not so quickly that I don’t digest and analyse the narrative material) and I aim to post a review prior to publication if received well in advance, but if not, ARCs will be read and reviews posted on my blog/Goodreads and featured on my bookstagram by, at the very latest, 6 weeks after receipt. However, I normally do place ARCs at the front of my TBR and read them much sooner.

For all ARCs I receive, I write a spoiler-free standard-length review (often over 600 words), and if requested, I will post a review on Amazon on the release day.

Whilst I love to be contacted regarding book reviews, in rare cases this does not necessarily guarantee that I will be able to read and review a certain book. I will always strive to read all ARCs, but sometimes life escapes me and I have to put non-bookish obligations first.


My Rating Scale:

1 star = “I hated this, take it far away from me and burn it”

2 stars = “Not sure how to feel about this, I didn’t like it much”

3 stars = “Mediocre; it had good and bad bits, lots of room for improvement”

4 stars = “I enjoyed this a lot!”

5 stars = “OMG YES SO MUCH YES; near-perfection”